FAQ & Fees

1What’s being in therapy like….?
I see clients once a week, for sessions of fifty minutes.

Usually, we’ll have a regular slot, at the same time each week. Once you have your slot, I will be holding that time open for you until we both agree that our work is finished.

It will be important for you to be able to set aside this regular time in your diary.

2What are your session fees?
Some therapists don’t advertise their rates, but I’m happy to be ‘up-front’ about them.

My normal fees are:

(COLCHESTER) £55 for individual clients, and £70 for couples.

(LONDON) £65 for individual clients only - no couples

I review my fees every year, and will always give plenty of notice when a change occurs.

"....Isn't therapy a bit expensive?"

Some people are worried by the long-term cost of therapy. Maybe, if you add it all up, it seems like a lot of money. But you could also view it as a kind of investment, in your future well-being. You might also consider whether ‘cheapest’ is always ‘best’….?

If money is an issue, I do offer some low-cost slots for students, those on benefits or low incomes. These are normally daytime, not evening slots. You may contact me for details.

3Can I see you every 2 weeks – not every week – to keep costs down?
This is not the way I normally work. In my experience, it’s mostly better to work weekly. It prevents us from losing ‘momentum’.
4How long will it take?
This is an almost impossible question to answer. I can’t promise things will change overnight – or in a certain number of sessions. Instead, I usually suggest we get started – and then review after a certain length of time.
5What kinds of problem to you work with?
I work with all kinds of issues. Depression, relationship troubles, and many of the other issues of life and mental health. I work a lot with couples who are seeking support in developing or healing their relationship. I work a lot with individuals who are trying to make sense of things in their lives. I have particular experience in intimacy and sexual problems (loss of libido, erection problems, sexual dysfunction).

I consider myself a 'generalist', with some 'special interests'.

6What kinds of people do you work with?
Individuals, and also couples, from all walks of life. I'm also happy to work with fellow professionals, or trainees.
7I’m not sure about the idea of seeing a therapist.
It doesn’t mean you’re weak, stupid, or crazy. It means you’re taking control in your life, by seeking help for yourself. And it’s confidential; no-one needs to know we are working together.
You can contact me and I will take your details. It might be useful for us to have a brief chat on the phone. After that, if we agree to proceed, we’ll arrange a preliminary appointment and see where we go from there.

Please note that it’s not my practice to offer a “free first session”

I can normally offer you an initial appointment within 7 days.

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